A live online evening with White Feather

Following our last online Zoom evening with White Feather back in October 2020 we will be undertaking another one on Thursday 11th February at 7.00pm UK time. The format will be the same - a talk by the guide followed by a Q&A session allowing you to ask him questions. Please see the appropriate page on this site for information on how to register, pay and take part. "Thank you for such an enlightening evening, my first ever contact with White Feather. Here's what they said about the last one:

"It was terrific and many thanks to all who made the evening possible. I have attended several online workshops recently and please rest assured that yours ran as smoothly, technologically, as all of them!"

"Everyone was mightily impressed with the wisdom that came through & with no hesitation. Amanda guided it all with sensitivity & indeed judging by the amount of discussion that went on with you & for some time after you left we were left with a great deal of food for thought. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening! "

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