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A little bit of humility wouldn't go amiss

Anyone that knows me, will also know that I like to remind people of the need to embrace the quality of humility – especially those who are directly involved within the various spiritual movements purporting to be offering ‘guidance’ to others.

Spiritualism, with which I have been involved most of my life, is one of the worst, if not THE worst offenders when it comes to demonstrating a distinct lack humility. It’s endless promotion of certain mediums through social media posts featuring a rash of superlatives such as ‘amazing, wonderful, incredible, fantastic, and the almost inevitable ‘International’ to describe the spiritual prowess of ‘today’s medium’ shouts loudly of arrogance to me and should be confined to the dustbin in my view.

Call me old school if you wish to, but I came into the spiritualist movement back in the early seventies (that’s the nineteen-seventies) before the advent of social media and the notion that mediumship was for ‘entertainment’ purposes. A medium would be invited to demonstrate at a spiritual church because of their reputation as someone who could prove the existence of the afterlife and connect people with their dearly departed. Back then, the ability to give ‘evidence’ and ‘proof of survival’ was the standard requirement for every medium privileged enough to stand on the platform and although some were better than others, most were capable exponents of sharing their God-given gifts with those in need.

Today though, mediums seem to be rated by their ability to draw in the crowds or attract ‘a full house’ when demonstrating at a particular centre. I have no problem with selling tickets for an event if it helps to pay for the hire of a hall, the heating bill or the travelling expenses of the said medium, but we should never forget that mediumship is essentially a spiritual quality that is partly spiritually earned, partly spiritually given and partly acquired through diligence, dedication and patience. As Gordon Higginson and others have said ‘Mediums aren’t created, they are born.’ We must never lose sight of the divine purpose and directive of this most sacred of abilities.

Humility is also ‘born’ and not created. It is born out of true spiritual development and is the base upon which all other spiritual abilities are founded and through which greatness emerges.

I humbly hope that this message is taken on board, but I fear that it won’t be. The human ego takes a lot of shifting, once ensconced in the individual and collective psyche.

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