I thought I'd share this with you because, like it or not, it includes information that will impact on us all, if allowed to. It came to my attention via a trusted connection I have and is written by someone who lived and worked in Saudi and saw first hand what was being implemented. The subject matter, as you will discover, is highly disturbing and reveals the development of so-called 'Smart' cities that are being planned for everyone who is left on this planet after the mass cull that has already begun. I appreciate that this will challenge those of you who cannot see or face up to the evil in our midst, but at some point we will all have to stand up to what is now coming closer by the day.

"When I worked in Saudi, the NEOM project was talked about a lot and I knew several people who were enticed to work there, being offered enormous amounts of money to make the move. It seemed futuristic; it seemed like something to question, or at least 'wait and see'. It promised a lot but it demanded a lot. The promise was 'a convenient life, with every need addressed'. The demand was 'live in a SMART city, where every move and every thought or intention was tracked, traced and manipulated'. I was on the fence for a while about NEOM because Saudi's (contrary to the West's view) are quite forward thinking and have the money to make their dreams come true, however, there are things about NEOM that go against personal autonomy, freedom of thinking and living. It's true that a lot of Saudi is stuck in the past (their misogyny for example) but it's changing. The educated Saudi's are forward thinking. So I gave them credit for that and didn't make up my mind about NEOM right away.

But look at this video, at 5.15. It explains NEOM. Residents have to pay a subscription for three meals a day. Try and imagine raising children in this scenario. It reminds me of the 1970's film 'Logan's Run'. If you haven't seen it; watch it. It depicts a dystopian future where it appears that everyone is happy and have what they need, with every need satisfied easily, but there's a big price to pay and it doesn't resemble a healthy human life in any way. There is no freedom of thought or movement or the fresh air of the sky and the land.

I've come to realise that NEOM symbolises this reality. It's one of the SMART cities of the future, which means - no personal freedom of thought, action or control. Everything, absolutely everything, every thought you think, will be known and recorded and used to manipulate you. Believe me when I say, they have this technology well developed.

This is what the globalists have planned for us, IF, we let them. This is what 'The Great Reset' is all about. This is why the World Economic Forum website for years, have been saying "by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy"....."Western Values will have been tested to breaking point".... "What you need, you will rent". Well, this raises the question, so who do we rent from? If we own nothing, but we have to rent, or subscribe, to what we need, then who owns what we need? The WEF of course. This includes the Davos group. This group are the richest billionaires on the planet and they plan to own everything and keep us in serfdom. That's why they're destroying the supply chain; the independent farmers; food production in general; goods in general and issuing in the digital money. The Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) that I mentioned previously will hold your medical records, your vaccine history, your money, your ID, your carbon credits and everything else. You will be allocated what you can buy and when, where you can travel and when, all under the guise of 'safety and saving the environment'.

I realise for anyone just watching 'the news' this will seem outlandish, but if they look carefully, they will see it's all being implemented, step by step.

God help us. I, for one, won't be living in a SMART city, or a SMART town. I won't comply in any way. A lot of us are building a new way of life, taking back our sovereignty and freedom. New systems are being built daily and the People's Health Alliance is one. A new healthcare system for the people, by the people, Curtailing freedom is not progress. The SMART cities are not progress. It's controlled slavery.

Let's hope that enough people will wake up to what's really going on before it's too late for them. My spiritual teacher, over 30 years ago, talked of a time like this and he said humanity will be split in two. They will have to decide what path to take and this is what we see happening now. I couldn't even relate to what he said all those years ago but it's all happening now, just like he outlined. He said we're moving into a golden future, that will be unrecognisable to what we have today, so that's good news, but all of humanity will have to choose which path to take, because we have free will and there won't be any judgement in any way. We have to follow our own conscience."

Please click on some of the links contained within this piece (remember that many, if not all, will present a positive, healthy vision of a sustainable future, designed to pacify the inquiring mind and deflect criticism. Remember that even now, much of what the 'elite' have planned for humanity remains 'hidden in plain sight' as it has for well over a century. Join the dots and open your mind to what many astute investigators, spirit guides and even ancient Biblical prophecy has warned of.

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