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Dr Vernon Coleman - a voice that needs to be heard


Like all qualified medical doctors who have told the truth about covid-19, Dr Vernon Coleman has been repeatedly lied about and libelled on the internet and in the mainstream media. In March 2020, after studying the covid death figures and comparing the death statistics in the UK to that of previous years, Dr Coleman said that the threat of covid-19 had been wildly exaggerated and that there was no pandemic. In that first video, he warned that the pandemic fraud (or hoax) would result in the deaths of many old people (which it did), the introduction of mandatory vaccinations (which appears to be happening) and the disappearance of cash (now a serious threat). As a result of his video, his Wikipedia page was deliberately and dramatically changed by government employees and used to 'monster' him. All his lifetime achievements were removed. Without any evidence or justification he was, among other things, labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' and said to be 'widely discredited'. Google, which works with Wikipedia, reproduced the lies in an attempt to discredit him, so that nobody would believe his warnings. Biographies on include references.

Check out his important videos here:


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - George Orwell


The world is currently in a mess - designed to be that way by a 'predator intelligence' that has been working for many decades to control everyone and everything. This is not conspiracy theory (unfortunately) - it is fact. The New World Order manipulators (often referred to as 'The Elite' or 'The Cabal') have long been planning and implementing this agenda which is referred to as Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 with the final aim of massively reducing the global population through disease, forced vaccinations, war, control of all resources, sterilisation and mass surveillance leading to a totally cashless society whose remaining inhabitants are connected to Ai (artificial intelligence) that controls and polices all thought and action. A key modus operandi for them is 'predictive programming' via Hollywood movies, books, mainstream media and symbology (often hidden in plain sight). They know that 'reality' is created by consciousness -and that in fact, it arises and 'appears' within consciousness. Based upon this knowledge and the recognition that the objective world is neither 'outside', nor 'detached' from us they effectively 'programme' human consciousness to produce the 'reality' that they desire. The current man-made Coronavirus Pandemic is a major part of their plan to both reduce the global population and curtail all human freedom.

However - we can and will change this for the better - this has already BEGUN

Their numbers are relatively small; we are the majority. The current problem for most people, even those of us who are aware of the NWO agenda, is how to stop it. Often, we resort to sharing information via social media of information that we have discovered about what is occurring or planned to happen. Whilst this may raise awareness of the situation, it doesn't necessarily raise consciousness and in fact, can have a negative effect in that it focuses attention on the very things we want to prevent; this is predictive programming by oversight.

The solution and how it works

What we need to do, with knowledge, is to FOCUS ON A POSITIVE OUTCOME, via The INFINITY IMAGE daily for 5-10 minutes (the optimum time is 10.00pm). Do not 'ask' for anything negative, keep it all positive, with an expectation that it WILL MANIFEST.

  •  Disconnect from Mainstream Media – they are POISONING YOU with their incessant Covid 19/Coronavirus commentary​

  • Disconnect from negative pre-emptive programming – Hollywood Films, Programmes about murder, crime, death, disaster, doom and gloom

  • Understand the Inversion techniques used so well by the new World Order and practice re-Inverting the Inversion. Ie: If the Authorities instruct you that something HAS to be done, it is usually the OPPOSITE of what SHOULD be done.

  • CONNECT with the INFINITY Symbol and all that is POSITIVE. You can connect at ANY time with the symbol, but the PEAK time is 10 pm (22 Hundred Hours) each evening for 5-10 minutes.  Focus on the SYMBOL and hold the world and everyone in PURE LIGHT. DO NOT ask for the destruction of anyone or anything as this is a Negative request and will be unsuccessful. Always frame any request in a POSITIVE light, for the HIGHEST GOOD.

  • MAINTAIN a POSITIVE INTENT at ALL TIMES, regardless of any negative programming that may be encountered. 

Remember, thoughts, and more specifically, INTENT, creates or rather, programmes the reality that we each individually and collectively experience. As a man once said 'If you want to change what appears in the mirror, don't try and change the mirror, change what you put before it.'

This non-religious, non-political, non-corporate concept is open to all aware minds globally with the simple, yet powerful aim of ‘logging on’ or connecting to the energy of the Infinity Symbol whilst maintaining a positive intent for the coming together of all people to manifest a harmonious, loving, peaceful future.


An understanding of the true nature of being reveals that the world is not an ‘objective’ reality that is independent or separate from the self; rather, it arises within consciousness and all is one seamless whole that only ‘appears’ as a world of separate objects within linear time and space.


With this knowledge, comes the further understanding that we can change our experience of ‘reality’ through the power of our thoughts and intent. The ‘future’ is not set in stone, nor does it have to be as ‘the cabal’ would have us believe – a dystopian world, controlled by artificial intelligence and headed by an ‘elite’ mega rich minority.


We not only can; but WILL change the vision into a more positive one. Link with the Infinity Symbol and all that it represents – love, peace, harmony, expansion and freedom on a daily basis, for five or more minutes and add your powerful contribution to the energy field. This is YOUR way of contributing to the positive change we all seek.


Remember there is no ‘little me’. You are INFINITE and ALL POWERFUL.

REMEMBER the Infinity Image - this is your 'Log On'

It is suggested that you read the Attractor Fields page on this website to arrive at a deeper understanding of how this information links to the way in which The Infinity Movement functions. 

UPDATE: January 2022



The Truth is Coming Out....


I know for some it will be hard to believe, but the 'pandemic' was planned and carried out by a global cartel.  It was planned for at least two decades and the lawyers have all the evidence now.

It never needed to be a pandemic as effective treatments have been available all along.  These treatments and any talk of them, were censored.  Top scientists and doctors were censored.  Any talk that deviated from the 'official narrative' was censored.

The cartel includes some names we know and more that we don't know.   The ultimate goal is totalitarianism, or a fascist global takeover with the ultimate aim of a one world government.  You may have heard some leaders refer to this.  They even published it so it's not a secret and it's not somebody's imagination.  

I think everyone has noticed by now that the 'rules' and restrictions and so much else, don't make any sense.  There's a reason for that.  Reiner Fuellmich, talking here, is the head lawyer of the international group of lawyers and he has an impressive track record.  He's the one who successfully brought the crimes of Deutsche Bank and Volkswagon to public attention, and won.   Hear all the details here -


If the link doesn't work, go to and search for Maria Zeee / Reiner Fuellmich - Nuremberg Code 2 / Common Law

We are at a huge crossroads and the choice is stark - freedom or enslavement, enlightenment or tyranny. Yet, nothing is written in stone; we (the majority) have a choice and we also hold the power because we (all 7.5 billion of us) are the majority. Take a look at David's video from 2019 because it is very telling and somewhat chilling as to the 'end game' that is planned by those controlling global events.There is still time to turn things around if enough people wake up. As always, decide for yourself, but in my view, Icke is totally correct and the current Covid vaccination agenda is a massive part of implanting nano-technology into the human body, linked to artificial intelligence.

Remember a year ago?


Anyone claiming there will be a vaccine passport is a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation must be stopped! 


Anyone opposed to a vaccination passport is a conspiracy theorist and their dangerous misinformation must be stopped!


We have been set-up.  In the UK for example - Boris Johnson said last year 'we are not considering vaccine passports' . At the time he said this, eight months ago, the government had tendered eight companies to come up with a vaccine passport.  Matt Hancock said last year 'we are not a papers-carrying nation'  Now they've put in place a vaccine certificate, either paper or digital.  They have done nothing but lie all the way through, including how they've counted covid deaths and the false positives of the testing (part of the coming lawsuits). In other countries the same scenario plays out. Does anyone still believe them? Even a recently as September 2021 they said that they had scrapped the idea of vaccine passports, but the following day said that they were 'keeping it in reserve' in case needed - more lies.


I highly recommend listening to what Naomi Wolf says (even though her excellent video has now been deleted from You Tube) She's the CEO of a tech company and knows how these work and she's not alone in saying this.  It really does mean the end of freedom if this goes ahead.  If you want to look up the social credit system in China (lots of you tube videos about this) They've had the system for a few years and are digital slaves. Through facial recognition cameras everywhere and everything digitised, including their banking which is linked to their health records, if they upset the authorities, for example, by refusing a vaccine, or by looking angry, or by jaywalking, these lose 'credits' and their access to money can be turned off, or they're banned from travel, even on a bus or train. 


And keep in mind that they already have the medical record linked to the bank account rolled out in other countries, in certain African countries they have the Trustpass, which Gates brought in.  No-one is allowed to refuse a vaccine or they are refused access to their money.  In the West, MBNA, the credit card company, are working with GAVI (Gates' vaccine company) to link your bank account to your medical record.  Gates is on video in early 2020, before anyone was talking about vaccines,  saying 'eventually one of the vaccines will contain a quantum dot, which is embedded just under the skin and will contain your medical records'.  Gates is also on a Ted talk in 2019, talking about how the next decade will be 'the decade of vaccines'.  


 They Won't Succeed - David Icke


As I've said previously, there are countless lawyers, doctors, scientists around the world calling the alarm and you'll find them on the links I've previously posted. Many of these same voices are saying this is the most dangerous time in our history, even more so than the world wars, bad though they were, because now it's global and there's nowhere to hide because of digitisation.  


My own personal belief is that the globalists/deep state, have underestimated people power and throughout history, it only takes a certain percentage of people to create massive change.  Look at Gandhi; one man chased the British Empire out of India and the author, Margaret Mead, said "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it's the only thing that ever has".  She won the Planetary Citizen of the Year Award in 1978 and I don't know if that award still exists.  She said that it only takes, I think it's around 3%, if I remember correctly, but a very small percentage of people, to actually create huge change.


Many of us are worried that we're being herded into a pen that will be difficult to get out of because governments rarely give back freedoms and they've spent billions on this covid scenario.  I've said all along, there are too many people making too much money on this, that they won't want it to stop.  But the money is only secondary to control.  That's the name of the game.  


Many of us share the same opinions but even if not, all opinions are valid by the nature of being opinions.  We then have the option of deciding whether to listen or not, depending on what research backs up those opinions or whether there might be conflict of interest in those opinions, but it's up to the individual to do their own investigation.  I'm sharing this with you because what's happening is so huge, with massive implications for our future.  In 2019 would you have believed that the government would stop you from seeing your family for the best part of 18 months ?  and it's not over yet.  But remember Ghandi and remember what Margaret Mead said - it only takes a small percentage to make the change.