Developing your Mediumship

Ever wanted to develop as a medium but don't know how to start? Ever tried to find a good development circle but with the current world situation, were unable to? Well, now you can link with Robert for a specially designed 8 week, online course during which he will help you realise your potential, whilst ironing out any issues that you may already have. Having spent over forty-years working as a platform medium who has demonstrated at the highest level in the UK and beyond, you will be given insights that can only come through a life time of experience, delivered in a friendly way and tailored to your specific requirements.

Here are a few of the areas covered during the course:

• Attuning to spirit

• The 3 'Clairs'

• Psychism v Mediumship

• Spirit Guides

• The Mechanics of spirit control

• Psychometry & Dowsing

• Trance

• Deeper states of Consciousness

• The philosophical mind

• Platform presentation

.....and much more INCLUDING A ONE 2 ONE with White Feather

The cost for the entire eight-week course at Introductory Level is only £360 and places are currently available. 

Click here to download the FREE Course Outline PDF

It is suggested that you contact Robert initially via email, to assess your suitability and check availability:

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Please note that you must have reliable internet access, preferably through a laptop or desktop computer (we do not suggest using mobile devices) and a Zoom account. I really look forward to working with you and your spirit guides and to helping you achieve your goals.

Speak soon,